Eyelash Growth With Idol Lash


It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, will not you? Surely are one of the most expressive parts of the face. Have an intense stare and haunting is the desire of every woman. Over the years I have tried many "mascara" to look for the right one, the perfect mascara false eyelashes effect. A product that would allow httpme to have a look doe without having to apply false eyelashes is Idol Lash.


Fortunately my eyelashes are naturally long enough, but not too thick; for this reason I prefer mascara which also give a plumping effect.

Outrageous dramatic volume mascara by Idol Lash, while being among my favorite is the one with which I found myself less well. As the name suggests this mascara was created with the intent to give volume and give a dramatic and important effect to the eye. The pack is very attractive, the pattern reminiscent of quilted fabric and the cap is written the name of the brand in polished silver. The product itself I really like, the color is a deep black beautiful, the brush is rather short, made of silicone and is flexible, the teeth are short and very dense.

This form was created to comb the lashes and also capture the shorter ones. Why it does not fully satisfy me as the application that is rather difficult, it should be modulated very well since the levying bristles too much product and create an unpleasant effect of combined eyelashes. To get the best results serve multiple applications, so you can stratify smoothly and to achieve the desired effect. Given the fairly thick consistency is not recommended to those who have very fine lashes, because it has a high capacity and is likely to make curling straight eyelashes.

Also, Idol Lash is black the brush is large and slightly curved in the middle, has an oval shape. The silicone bristles are shorter at the ends and longer in the center. The texture of the product is rather dry, thus you need to do some 'practice in the application. The reason why at first I was doubtful this is it, I could not put the same amount of product on both eyes and then visually rigged one seemed better than the other. Using it more than once I figured out how to spread it, you have to be pretty quick to put two coats of mascara without the first to dry; by doing so you get a good volume, and a good sagging.

Packaging is mirrored silver, the name is written in black and next is the classic logo of the cosmetics company. The slogan that stands on the package says "huge volume, exaggerated eyelashes" I confirm fully the truth of what is written. I bought a beautiful blue china color 301, I chose a colored mascara to test the writing effect. Than similar products it releases a lot of color on the eyelashes, which has pleasantly surprised me. The brush is in fiber and comes up with some sort of closer helical shape in the center. The texture is soft and smooth, even though the product seems easy to dry out, the writing is always homogeneous, is very simple to stratify according to effect you want to achieve. The eyelashes are very volumized, thick and well arched. The look is open and eyelashes create a beautiful fan effect. The applicator very well even reaches small lashes near the tear duct. There is a waterproof version in black color.

Here's my favorite mascara false lashes effect before I found what I was able to conquer me which has earned the top spot. The pack is essential but the impact, a mix of matte and glossy black with contrasting fuchsia written. It's named Idol Lash Reviews and has the best results for eyelashes growth!